• WordPress REST API Snafus

    Documenting difficulties I discovered while investigating a site migration. Which is better, CLI vs. REST API?

  • `wp-now` → Awesome

    Check out the cool new tool for doing WordPress development. This uses a WASM version of PHP to serve/host the environment directly in your browser. (It does need node for getting started though.)

  • WordPress Blocks: Hydrate InnerBlocks From HTML

    Hydrate InnerBlocks From HTML. For instance if your block pulls information from a remote API and you want to display as part of the post, or embed in the post such that it’s editable. The block editor already handles the job very simply

  • MermaidJS & WordPress

    I get confused by a lot of words. The combination of complex ideas and large walls of text short-circuit and crash my brain. I’ll have to read and re-read a text-only passage multiple times to understand exactly what’s being described. Speaking presentations exacerbate the issue. However the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”…

  • Working with WooCommerce Webhooks

    I recently went deep into the WooCommerce Webhooks code. I’m preserving my thoughts here (if anyone needs more help — feel free to comment — I’m happy to share what I know). Webhooks? TL;DR; A separate website can be notified when you make a sale by creating a webhook. WooCommerce provides a method to send…