My Courses

  • California Math

    Quick post to highlight this article that I found on Ycombinator: I’ve helped my kids who are very smart try to understand math concepts that they don’t seem prepared for because the curriculum is not providing the foundations required for future success.

  • WordPress REST API Snafus

    Documenting difficulties I discovered while investigating a site migration. Which is better, CLI vs. REST API?

  • Proposal for Python structs

    I really enjoyed this article. Seems like a great idea, but since I didn’t see a good way to register my support on the site I’m putting it here. He has my vote.

  • `wp-now` → Awesome

    Check out the cool new tool for doing WordPress development. This uses a WASM version of PHP to serve/host the environment directly in your browser. (It does need node for getting started though.)

  • WordPress Blocks: Hydrate InnerBlocks From HTML

    Hydrate InnerBlocks From HTML. For instance if your block pulls information from a remote API and you want to display as part of the post, or embed in the post such that it’s editable. The block editor already handles the job very simply

  • WordPress Blocks: React Context Cuts Clutter

    Using Reacts’ Context in WordPress blocks passes parameters painlessly. Attributes carried by context keep coupling minimal. Reacts’ Context feature facilitates distributing data down a component tree to any descendant component. Instead of passing attributes between your components manually (e.g. <FooComponent attrib={ attrib }>), which tightly couples the current attributes and components, using a block-level context…

  • Debugging Gutenberg Blocks: 1

    I’m adding some tags for tips as I find them. I found this tip helpful when debugging what the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg) was actually doing behind the scenes. Find the post id (in the edit url there will be a field for post (e.g. post.php?post=121&action=edit). Using the WP-CLI tool you can quickly view the…

  • Filecasted: Create Podcasts From Local Files

    Running isn’t the most enjoyable activity, but it’s great for burning calories. One of the best ways to cope is by listening to podcasts. Podcast apps are generally great and provide innovative features — like speeding up the playback (to get through the content quicker). Switching between podcasts and audiobooks becomes jarring after expecting many…

  • MermaidJS & WordPress

    I get confused by a lot of words. The combination of complex ideas and large walls of text short-circuit and crash my brain. I’ll have to read and re-read a text-only passage multiple times to understand exactly what’s being described. Speaking presentations exacerbate the issue. However the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”…

  • Working with WooCommerce Webhooks

    I recently went deep into the WooCommerce Webhooks code. I’m preserving my thoughts here (if anyone needs more help — feel free to comment — I’m happy to share what I know). Webhooks? TL;DR; A separate website can be notified when you make a sale by creating a webhook. WooCommerce provides a method to send…